Deacon Ministry

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Our mission is to serve Christ and assist our Pastor in serving the entire church family, operational needs of the church and community in a godly manner. A group of consecrated men supporting the Pastor through acts of service supporting the entire program of the church. Our Creed: • Worship God with all my life through service • Obey Christ by assisting the Pastor and serving others through my church. • Resolve to build relationships that strengthen my family and my church. • Keep my commitment and govern my integrity to serve God as a deacon. - Acts 6:1-3 “NOW ABOUT this time, when the number of the disciples was greatly increasing, complaint was made by the Hellenists (the Greek-speaking Jews) against the [native] Hebrews because their widows were being overlooked and neglected in the daily ministration (distribution of relief). So the Twelve [apostles] convened the multitude of the disciples and said, ‘It is not seemly or desirable or right that we should have to give up or neglect [preaching] the Word of God in order to attend to serving at tables and superintending the distribution of food. Therefore select out from among yourselves, brethren, seven men of good and attested character and repute, full of the [Holy] Spirit and wisdom, whom we may assign to look after this business and duty.’”

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