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Our Ministries

  • Intercessory Prayer Team

    Elder Patrick Cooley 
  • Kids 4 Christ

    Sister Jennifer Sims & Sister Rose Brooks 

    Children’s Ministry

  • HYPE831

    Minister Alton Phillips 

    Youth 12-18

  • Women's Ministry

    First Lady Krystal Wiles 
  • Men's Ministry

    Lead Pastor Avery Wiles 


  • Marriage Ministry

    Brother James and Sister Latoya Smith, Coordinator’s 

    Building Rock Solid Marriages

  • Single's Ministry

    Sister Tasha Cushenberry 


  • Missions and Community Service



  • Christian Education & Connection Hour

    Deacon Elbert McGhee 


  • Music Worship and Arts

    First Lady Krystal Wiles 


  • Partnership Services & Professional Ministry Technicians

    Sister Carolyn Stevenson 
  • Ministers, Elders and Evangelist

    Pastor Avery Wiles 


  • Ministry of Brand Management & Media

    Brother Brandon Hines & Sister Whittney Hines 


  • Security

    Brother Curtis Stevenson 


  • Ministry of Technology

    Brother Brandon Hines 
  • Office of Pastoral Administration

    Sister Brittney Matthews 
  • Ministry of Finance

    Brother Demond Wilson 
  • Ministry of Christian Human Resource

  • VIVE Young Adult and College Ministry

    Minister Alton Phillips 

    Adults 18-25

  • Ministry of Deacons

    Deacon Alvin Anderson 
  • Grace Cares

    Brother CJ Williams & Sister Calandra Williams 
  • Liturgical Ministry

    Sister Mariann Shaw